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Individual Therapy

Some Possible Life Stressors:

  ·  Depression

  ·  Anxiety

  ·  Anger Management

  ·  Grief and Loss

  ·  Self-Esteem

  ·  Stress Reduction & Management

  ·  Addiction/Codependency

  ·  Relationship Difficulties

Goals for Individual Therapy:

  ·  Gain a better understanding of yourself

  ·  Increase Self –Awareness


Individual Therapy,  individual counseling or psychotherapy, is the process of meeting with a trained Therapist to address things that are getting in the way of living your Truth or Best Life.  Individual Therapy is a collaborative and wonderful form of self-care and personal maintenance.  As a collaborative team, we will discuss what problems are keeping you from living your best life, come up with appropriate solutions and implement distinctive strategies to help achieve the desired goal. 

Loving ourselves is essential to being able to accept love from someone else.   So, as you walk YOUR life journey, you may experience various stressors that can cause you to feel stuck, hurt or confuse which can interfere with your work, relationships or personal growth.  Individual therapy may be what you need to find some relief, gain insight and self-awareness about your issue or help you to refocus on living your Best Life.


At Private Matters Counseling Services, LLC,  we want you to feel welcome, comfortable, and to meet you where you are.  We realize no two people are the same and as such, we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of the clients. at our location in South Carolina, North Carolina or in the comfort of your own home using tele-health.

  ·  Alleviate and/or reduce emotional pain or confusion

  ·  Assist with understanding your psychological issues

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FREE 20 minute Consultation
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