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Grief & Loss


So if these describes you…

♠Are you struggling with coming to terms with a loss?

♠Do you feel overwhelmed with grief, fear, despair, or worry?

♠You feel abandoned at your time of greatest need by your faith?

♠You feel alone as everyone seems to have moved on without you.

♠You want to live a happier, more connected life.
♠Your family pet died.

♠You would like professional support to help cope through the grieving process.

…Then grief and bereavement counseling may offer the support, guidance, and expert care you need.

Complicated Grief
Unshakable denial
Self-destructive behavior

Extreme anxiety

Problems functioning in daily life

Normal Grief
Disbelief or Shock



Physical Symptoms

FREE 20 minute Consultation

Death is inevitable. Still yet, the loss of a loved one always produce strong emotions of grief and despair. The pain can be extremely overwhelming and last a long time. While painful experiences are normal during this time, your emotions may feel trapped on a non-stop rollercoaster.  Just when you feel like life has returned to normal, something reminds you of your loved one and the intense, heart-breaking anguish returns.

The first step is to learn about grief. What is normal and what isn’t? Here are some of the normal emotions following a loss. Grief can be caused by many things besides the death of a loved one. It is also normal to grieve when a pet dies or when going through a divorce. These events can be just as devastating for some people as the death of a family member.  For most people, grief will let go eventually. But, sometimes, mental pain and anguish won’t relent. When grief doesn’t go away, it is known as persistent complex bereavement disorder (complicated grief). In persistent complex bereavement disorder, the emotional symptoms are so severe and deeply-rooted that you have trouble moving on from the loss and living your own life. So, how do you know if you are suffering from a normal reaction to grief or something more?

Grief and Loss Therapy will focus on helping people feel better as they learn to cope with their grieving experience. There are a variety of therapeutic approaches available to support you as you work with us as an equal collaborator to empower your healing journey.

In the non-judgmental, supportive environment we will work together to Empower you, so you can Empower YOUSELF to process your grief and get through this painful time in your life. 

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