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Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders can be sent to you by phone, email, or text message. They are a convenient way to help you avoid forgetting your appointments. If you would like to receive appointment reminders, please discuss this with the practice in person so that this can be enabled for your account.


Email Appointment Reminders

If your clinician has enabled this feature, we will email you appointment reminders and confirmations from a secure email site

Please talk to your clinician for details and to discuss your preferences for receiving these emails, or to change your email on file.

Click the unsubscribe link found in any email you have received from us or complete the unsubscribe request form to block receiving any emails from us entirely.  You'll receive a email response confirming your request.




Text (SMS) Appointment Reminders

Reminder appointments by Text(SMS) is available upon discussion and agreement with your clinician, usually one(1) day before your appointment.

Please talk to your clinician for details and preferences for receiving these messages, or to change your phone number on file. Otherwise, to block text messages from us please respond to the text message "STOP."  If you have previously stopped these messages and wish to restart receiving text messages from us again please text "START."

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